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Make Your Store Come to Life

With smartphone devices and Bluetooth technology in the hands of virtual all consumers, merchants can make their stores come to life to improve the customer shopping experience while improving retention and customer satisfaction.

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Engage with Your Customers

Your customers have smartphones, so why not turn your store in to a smart-store? With OfferDrop you can do just that.

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Offerdrop is customizable for every merchant so you can deliver offers and customer communications in a branded fashion that is unique for your business. Customize the look and feel of offers, greetings and surveys by choosing a logo and color scheme that shoppers will see in their OfferDrop mobile shopping app. Then go even further when you are ready, by having us launch your own OfferDrop iPhone/Android app in all the popular app stores. With OfferDrop you can have your own fully branded iPhone and Android in-store app that is only for your customers.

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The End-End In-Store Customer Engagement Solution

With OfferDrop, your customers get to experience your store as if it was alive. Customers receive timely offers as they move through your store and are delivered micro-location specific messages, rewards and product information as they move around your establishment.

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