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OfferDrop FAQ

Common question about OfferDrop and how it enables merchants to engage with in-store customers.

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How will OfferDrop benefit me as a merchant?

As a merchant, you can use OfferDrop as your communication vehicle to engage with your in-store customers as they shop in your establishment and even after they leave your premises. OfferDrop allows you to deliver timely in-store offers, notifications and product information based on where the customer is in the store.

Is OfferDrop hard to setup in my store?

OfferDrop is quick and easy to setup. You start small at first by downloading the OfferDrop Merchant app to your iPad. This app will allow you to customize and configure in-store offers and customer communications that will be delivered to customers as they enter your store and as they shop. The app functions as your administration interface to manage your OfferDrop in-store campaigns and also functions as a powerful iBeacon to deliver offers and communications to your customer's mobile phones. You can use multiple iPads in your store, if you like, and you can also get more advanced by placing small inexpensive iBeacon devices all around your store to tailor what offers your customer see where and when in your store. So start simple and get more advanced at your own pace. No up-front commitment required!

How does OfferDrop work?

OfferDrop works by using powerful iBeacon Bluetooth technology to enable you as a merchant to send messages to customers that are in range of your store's iBeacons (within 150 feet). Customers will be notified using push notifications to their smartphone when they are in range of one of your beacons. You can tailor the offers and messages based on which iBeacon the customer is near or you can simply send a welcome or goodbye notification (or even customer survey) when a customer enters or leaves your establishment. Beacons can be customized to deliver different offers and messages based on how far the customer is to the beacon (from 1 foot to 150 feet). With OfferDrop you as the merchant are in control. The OfferDrop merchant iPad administration app (and corresponding online web based app) lets you customize your store's campaigns and iBeacons.

Why do I need to promote the OfferDrop Android/iPhone shopping in app in my store?

OfferDrop delivers your merchant iBeacon offers and communications to the OfferDrop Andriod/iPhone app. Customers must have this app in order to detect your iBeacons and receive your notifications as they walk around your store. You can print a flyer (branded with your logo) and place it in your store (for example at store entrance or at a counter) to remind customers to install the app on their smartphone so they can engage with you.

I would like customers to use my own custom app while shopping. Can my customers use a branded version of the OfferDrop iPhone/Android shopping app?

Yes you can. We can build for you a custom branded version of our OfferDrop iPhone/Android shopping app and put this app in the Apple and Google app stores for your customers to downaload. This allows your customers to use your own custom branded mobile app while they are in your store. This allows you to promote your own branded app in your store. Get your own branded app in the app stores today! Contact us for more details.

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