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Turn Any iPad into an iBeacon
  1. Use your iPad Merchant app to mange your in-store campaigns and rewards program.
  2. Broadcast offers right from your iPad Merchant app to in-store shoppers.
  3. Create customer greeting messages and target customers with product shopping tips as they enter & depart.
  4. Deliver micro-offers as customers shop and reward repeat customers with loyality rewards.
  5. Deliver custom offers based on where customers are in the store and how long they are in the store.
  6. Merchant reporting & analytics to understand customer interests & shopping patterns to optimize campaigns.
Manage in-store campaigns, offers & rewards

OfferDrop can run on your iPad and function as your merchant dashboard to configure, manage and deliver offers to and loyalty rewards to in-store customers.

Customers using the OfferDrop mobile shopping app receive timely notifications, offers and product information when they are near your iBeacons.
Communicate with Customers

Get feedback from your customers as they shop and as they exit your establishment. Deliver timely surveys and questionnaires to customers as they leave the store or when they are near particular products and iBeacons in your store. Learn from customer shopping patterns and offer them rewards for completing in-store surveys and loyalty programs.

Understand your Customers

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by understanding your customers better. Using iBeacons, learn what products and/or locations in your store are not visited often enough or have low in-store customer traffic. Reward top customers who visit your store more often using the easy to use OfferDrop Loyalty solution. With OfferDrop you are fully engaged with your customers when they are in your store and stay connected after they leave.

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